Thugs of Hindostan


For the full review:

To be fair to Thugs Of Hindostan, a lot of its gaffes or ‘faults’ could be seen in its trailer itself.

The film and its makers made no palpable attempt to shroud its deficiencies.

So we were warned that the film had no interest in delving into the history of the actual Thuggee cult (Thugs of Hindostan might be the first film to be born out of a case of misconstruction of etymology), and as far as Apocrypha are concerned, Thugs, unmistakably, is a part of a lineage that includes such decorated predecessors as Lagaan and Urumi though it doesn’t share their, of extrapolating sentiments.

They made it clear that striving for geographical accuracy was not their concern either as warriors from what seemed to be the landlocked Hindi heartland went to war at sea within the snap of a finger.

No logic, you’re out too — the British officers would rather slog it out in an acquired tongue than speak in English.

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